Rovner Deep-V™ Avatar Mouthpiece
Although you may think of us primarily as a ligature company, throughout its history, Rovner® has also extended its expertise into the realm of mouthpiece innovation, creating a number of exceptional designs that were released only on a limited basis. Those of you who have enjoyed those prior models will be especially excited to hear of our NEW Rovner® Deep-V™ Mouthpiece Collection. Although rooted in Rovner's historic concepts, it looks and plays unlike anything you've ever experienced before.
Introducing The AVATAR™
You supply the character, we supply the core!
  • Playing the Avatar™ is a personal, human, somatic experience. The question isn't "Who else plays this?" it's "Who am I when I play this?" The ability to express yourself musically is an art, and that is at the core of the Avatar's performance.
  • The Avatar™ allows you to blow with both authority and sensitivity, freeing you from the struggle to be simply heard in certain settings and instead creating the opportunity to be experienced by your fellow players and your audience. It eliminates overblowing and the resulting degradation in the quality of your sound and the precision of your intonation.
  • The Avatar's unique patented baffle and chamber design changes the paradigm from "cut" and "edge" to presence, allowing the full spectrum of sound to move successfully from intention to expression. When you're accessing a full musical spectrum instead of a limited one, It's like having your own personal sound man expertly dialing you in so you are fully heard by your fellow players and your audience.
  • If you're mic'ed for live performance, you're ahead of the game because you're giving the sound system a more fully-developed core to work with, and as the sound is processed you can be heard in a more authentic way.
  • The Avatar™ lends itself to modern developments. While exceptional with cane, this mouthpiece creates a new partnership of sound and performance for those who enjoy using synthetic reeds.
  • The Avatar™ is currently available for alto and tenor...but stay tuned! Bari coming in February 2021, and bass clarinet coming in spring of 2021.
  • Includes a Rovner® MKIII ligature and cap for robust performance right out of the box.
  • Avatar Mouthpiece - What's Included
Avatar Mouthpiece
Deep-V™ Avatar Mouthpiece

Avatar Mouthpiece

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