Rovner Deep-V Aviva Mouthpiece
Although you may think of us primarily as a ligature company, throughout its history, Rovner® has also extended its expertise into the realm of mouthpiece innovation, creating a number of exceptional designs that were released only on a limited basis. Those of you who have enjoyed those prior models will be especially excited to hear of our NEW Rovner® Deep-V™ Mouthpiece Collection. Although rooted in Rovner's historic concepts, these new mouthpieces look and play unlike anything you have experienced before.
Introducing The AVIVA™
The ability to express yourself musically is an art, and that is at the core of the Aviva's™ performance. This single mouthpiece was engineered with levels of resistance that will meet the needs of both the classical and jazz player. The tip opening and reed strength you choose will help you dial in your sound. The Aviva™ offers a uniquely large window of playability allowing you to further fine-tune the brilliance and color of your sound based on how high or how low you place the reed.

Although the ultimate mouthpiece choice is personal, we recommend these tip openings for the following players:
#3 for the dedicated classical player
#5 for the classical player who likes a bigger tip opening, or the jazz player who prefers a smaller tip opening
#7 for the dedicated jazz player

The #5 tip opening is ideal for the professional player who plays both genres, since this mouthpiece's characteristics will change just by varying the reed strength. The #5 tip opening is also ideal for the high school or college student who plays in both concert and jazz band and needs one professional quality mouthpiece that can do it all. The playing ease and tonal beauty of the Aviva™ mouthpiece open the door to whole new realms of musical expression.
  • Includes a Rovner® MKIII ligature and cap for robust performance right out of the box.
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Aviva Mouthpiece
Deep-V™ Aviva Mouthpiece

Aviva Mouthpiece

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