LGX Ligature TEST

A Performance-Enhancing "Next Generation" Model
A Resonating Ribs™ Ligature
  • An ALL-NEW design with the "heft" of our other Mass-Loaded Technology ligatures
  • Incredible cut and projection
  • Superior articulation and increased facility
  • Competes with amplified instruments even when played acoustically
  • Holds tone and intonation even when played triple fortissimo!
  • Includes a Rovner cap
  • Made in the USA!
Who Plays It?

The LGX delivers HIGH-ENERGY performance for players who push the envelope of dynamics and expression. Holds tone and intonation even when played triple fortissimo. Superb for jazz, rock, marching, and military band players.

LGX Ligature TEST
LGX Ligature

LGX Ligature TEST

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