Mouthpiece Measuring Tool Instructions

Is your mouthpiece not listed in our sizing guide? Don't worry! Follow the instructions below to provide us with your mouthpiece measurements and we'll be happy to confirm the ligature size you need. If you prefer, you can print these instructions.
Step 1. First, download the Mouthpiece Measuring Tool PDF and print the file. Be sure to print this file at "full scale" (100%) to ensure the measuring tool is the correct size.
Step 2. Note the red line indicating the 6 inch mark. We recommend using a ruler of your own to confirm that it is indeed 6 inches from the 0 to the red 6 inch line. You can also confirm using millimeters and the markings on the tool itself. This will help ensure accurate measurements.
Step 3. Cut out the tool along the solid-lined edges.
Step 4. Use Scotch tape (or any clear cellophane tape) to secure your reed to your mouthpiece. Scotch tape is our recommendation, but any tape that is easily removed without causing damage to the mouthpiece or reed is fine.
Step 5. Using a pencil or pen, draw a line marking on your reed where the top of your ligature would usually be positioned.
Step 6. Using a pencil or pen, draw a line marking on your reed 1 inch below the line you drew in Step 5.
Step 7. Place a small amount of Scotch tape on the left edge of your 'cut out measuring tool' - using just enough tape to attach the tool to your mouthpiece. (See grey box labeled "TAPE" below)
Measuring Tool Example Image
Step 8. Align and tape the tool to the reed so that the left edge of the tool is aligned to the left edge of the reed, and the dotted line below the zero is aligned with the line you drew in Step 5.
Step 9. Wrap the measuring tool around the mouthpiece to measure. The number that aligns closest to the "0" line is Measurement #1.
Step 10. Repeat Step 8 and Step 9 using the line you drew in Step 6. This is Measurement #2.
Once all steps are complete, email both measurements along with your mouthpiece brand, model, and instrument to [email protected] to verify your necessary ligature size. Ensure the subject of the email is "Mouthpiece Size Request".
Measurement #1 (in millimeters): 75mm
Measurement #2 (in millimeters): 78mm
Mouthpiece Brand: JodyJazz
Mouthpiece Model: DV
Instrument: Tenor Sax
Questions? Reach out to Support at [email protected]
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