About Phil Rovner

When Phil Rovner decided to take the common woodwind ligature and make it better, he drew upon his extensive experience in mechanical engineering, radar/microwave technology and acoustic technology for the concepts that would result in his first textile ligature, the Rovner™ Dark. Having spent his entire lifetime engaged in problem-solving and innovative design for major corporations and technology firms, he felt certain he could significantly improve his own performance by improving the performance of his ligature, and he was absolutely right. A professional musician who studied at the Peabody Institute and also in New York with Joe Allard, Phil's background also includes a solid education in music theory and performance. His attraction to woodwind instruments would ultimately influence his life in ways he could not have predicted. The extraordinary success of his initial ligature design pushed Phil to continue his research and experimentation until gradually his company was able to offer not just one, but a full range of ligatures, each with its own characteristics and each producing its own distinct sound. He has also designed a small line of superbly engineered saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces that, like his ligatures, are real game-changers.

In his 70+ years of making music, Phil has performed in big bands, night clubs, theatres, and in the 29th division military band. He remains an active player, pursuing his love of music as a member or sub in several "rehearsal bands" including the Jerry Peterson Band and the Hank Levy Legacy Big Band. Although officially "retired" from Rovner Products as of 2014, he is a regular and welcome visitor at the Rovner facility, where he continues to scratch the "creative itch" that pushes him to explore new materials and new designs for products that might continue to benefit the company. His goal has always been to provide every type of woodwind player with powerful, elegant, technically superior accessories that will enhance performance by providing not only accurate intonation and ease of play, but the inspiration to push each player to extend his or her performance boundaries. Thanks to Phil's insatiable appetite for excellence, Rovner™ ligatures have been and will continue to be the ligatures of choice for discerning musicians the world over.

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