VERSA Metal Inserts
VERSA Metal Inserts

VERSA Metal Inserts

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  • Our Ligature Anatomy document will assist you in detailing the exact replacement part.
  • Versa Metal Insert Piece - Thick/Curved or Thin/Straight
To help ensure you order the correct size insert(s) for your Versa Ligature, it is recommended that you measure the width of the space available in the metal cradle that holds the insert. Click here for a visual display illustrating where to measure from one side of the cradle to the other. Then, view the "Cradle Size Guide" below to determine the insert size to order.

Cradle Size Guide
Small: 12.2mm x 26.94mm
Medium: 15.03mm x 26.94mm
Large: 16.56mm x 26.94mm

Small: 1/2" x 1"
Medium: 9/16(+)" x 1"
Large: 5/8(+)" x 1"
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